EARTH Water - a new Partnership! If you had the chance to change things, would you change the world

Hast du schon etwas über EARTH Water gehört? Wenn nicht, wird es dringed Zeit! You never Drink alone ist der Leitspruch von EARTH Water und dieser spruch sagt zu 100% die Wahrheit und setzt diese Firma auch um. Wenn du die Chance hättest was in deinem Leben und auf der Welt zu ändern, würdest du es tun?

Wir sind voller überzeugung und sind froh mit EARTH Water einen Partner gefunden zu haben, wo wir auch 100% geben können und voll und ganz hinter dem Projekt stehen.

Hier ein paar Fakten die vielleicht euch auch zum Nachdenken anregen sollten:

EARTH Water is a high quality pure and mineral rich bottled water from The Netherlands. Established in 2007 based on 1 simple question – if you had the chance, would you change the world? Our EARTH Water slogan says: You never drink alone, because we donate 100% of net profits to charity.

EARTH Water is bottled at a water source named Anl’eau, located in the protected green reserve “het Hunzedal”, a UNESCO status Geopark in the Netherlands. The production site pumps pure spring water from a depth of approximately 150 meters.

Our Vision:

EARTH Water Middle East aims to have the highest social impact by giving the less fortunate access to the most essential human right, clean water.

Our Mission:

By combining the highest quality services in every sector of our company, using sustainable practices and competitive pricing, our drive is to add value to our partners and customers, working to extend our reach and help those in need.


EARTH Water Middle East understands the importance of sustainable solutions. All EARTH Water packing is 100% recycled. EARTH is always looking for solutions to reduce our carbon footprint while we import the high quality Dutch water to the Middle East.


At EARTH Water Middle East we put our costumer’s needs above everything else. We strive to achieve the best customer service possible, by providing customized logistics solutions and dedicated costumer care.


EARTH Water Middle East is responsible for all order from the water source to the client. We are involved in every step of the process so there is no middleman. No middleman means we do not shift the responsibility onto any other party.


EARTH Water Middle East believes that being honest and transparent is the only way to run an ethical business. We can provide our costumer’s with the information they want.


We believe that if we have the ability to help those in need, then we have a duty to do so. EARTH Water donates 100% of its net profit to charitable projects aiming to provide safe, clean drinking water to those who have no access to it.

Daily, 6000 people die, due to a lack of clean drinking water.