Dario Cecchini is an internationally known butcher from Panzano in Chianti, in the Tuscan region of Italy.  
Cecchini was born in 1955 in the village of Panzano where his father was the butcher, eighth generation of Cecchini butchers. He studied veterinary science at the university in Pisa but in 1976, three years into his six-year course, he took over the family business from his dying father.   He has been described as "... a personality, a celebrity, and a butcher extraordinaire. A theatrical host, a show-stopper, and an artist".
Cecchini, on a mission to protect and promote the traditional local butcher from the rise of industrially raised meat, and supermarkets, explains that he believes butchery is an ancient art that involves a respect for the animal, seeing his role as that of teacher and educator.
According to Cecchini, there are no "premium" and "lower" cuts of meat, but rather all the parts of the animal are useful if butchered and cooked in an appropriate way. He puts his philosophy to work in his butcher shop, and three restaurants, all located within 15 meters of the room where he was born.
The Officina della Bistecca is his convivial way of answering the difficult question of the perfect way of cooking Her Majesty the Bistecca alla Fiorentina and Her Sisters the Costata and the Panzanese steak. With the grill lit, you enjoy good food, good wine, friendship and lots of beautiful steaks to devour.
Solociccia is the butcher’s kitchen. You eat everything from the muzzle to the tail, while dining in conviviality with the other guests. The "menu del Macellaio", the butcher’s menu, consists of six meat courses, seasonal vegetables, beans with extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan bread, wine, olive oil cake and grappa.
At Dario Doc he serves three menus, comfortably seated, of good food at a good price. The first plays with the concept of high quality yet fast food, the second is cooked on the grill and the third presents some of the butcher shop specialties. Yes, we can… and so we have.




Officina della Bistecca: Italy, Panzano in Chianti