Each year we see a number of new people; they are young, fresh-faced, filled with passion and an unbridled sense of curiosity that brings them to our restaurant, eager for a new experience. Here they work alongside our kitchen’s regular staff of twenty-four as part of a three month internship – they get a glimpse into our way of life and we give them an opportunity to become an integral part of our restaurants’ daily operations; the foraging, harvesting from our farms, and the opportunity to see ingredients through to the guests.


They participate in creating dishes during our Saturday Night Projects, attend lectures by the Nordic Food Lab and hopefully a seed is planted for understanding seasonality. These dear interns, or stagiers as they are called in the industry nomenclature, are a fundamental part of our trade, and we would certainly not be where we are today without this group of eager students and young chefs volunteering their time. For us, the internship program serves as an invaluable source of help in all the daily chores. But even more importantly, it has been a great basis for new friendships and each time we hire new staff, they almost always come from this pool of talent. For instance, every one of our current sous chefs are former stagiers.


Our chef René was himself a stagiere around the world before opening noma. It is a part of sharing ideas and knowledge that is quite special in our trade. We wouldn’t want to be without stagiers and we believe that everyone that has been through noma shares in part of our success. But amidst this cycle of interns that flow in and out of the restaurant every few months, we also sometimes say goodbye to members of our staff. So we want to highlight some of them here and show our support in their endeavours. These are people that have dedicated a significant amount of time (sometimes as much as nine years) to our restaurant. It is also a tribute to a small group of people that have made a special impact here.


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