Mimo MYMO Mali is a multi-media visual artist currently working between Berlin, Cape Town, and Los Angeles. She is one of the most influential urban artists of her generation. While consistantly developing new possibilities of aesthetic expression, her present body of work utilizes public space, and canvas. She finds painting, collage, animation, and installation as her mediums of choice.


Mimo’s style can be described as a combination of mystical, cosmic, tribal, funk and psychedelic. She combines abstract form with sacred geometry, while in harmony with vivid color. She enjoys playing with visual imagery, and creating a conversation between color, movement, and form.

Over the years Mali has also curated exhibitions, created shows, and has held and particpated in workshops. She also stays active in fund raisers, performances, lectures and has exhibited her work in a wide range of venues across Europe, Australia, Africa, and in both North and South America.


Her work has been the feature of many publications including spreads in Rojo Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Lodown Magazine, and made the cover story for Art Monthly.Finding harmony within nature, Lowdown magazine quotes Mimo saying, “I’ve always loved making collages ever since I was young. Taking found things and making something new with them. I call it ‚up-recycling art’…“Her distinct style has also brought her to work into the international commercial market including: advertisements for popular products, designing products, working in film and television, and commissioned as a muralist in well known locations.As a an Alchemist of the streets, Mimo MYMO Mali, depicts celestial messages from an inner spiritual realm, and communicates to this dimension through cosmic relationships.


She states “You can call it the cosmic unconsciousness.Thoughts are limited, my paintings are beyond thought… and beyond knowledge, my work is a living breathing being…“



Artist / Art Director/ Diplom Designer/ Curator / Illustrator /



Diplom Design visual communication – HFG Offenbach / Painting –  Städel Schule Frankurt/ Scuplture – Weisensee Berlin/ Design –  LaBau escuela de arte Bracelona


Selected Interviews & Press:

Lodown Magazine Interview

Inkygoodness Interview

MTN-world Mymo in Cape Town

MTN-world Mymo Blacklight-Sun-Portal

We-are-awesome Mymo at Word-of-art


Papermonster Mymo in Brooklyn


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Selected Clients:

Levis, Converse,  ADIDAS, Gap Jeans, Cyworld, Uniqlo UT,  RVCA,  BAsicHouse, Bred and But- ter, Straßerauf, Wahrsteiner, [espadrij], Bright Tradeshow, Irie Daily, Don t Panic, Pictoplasma,Bold , Montana Colors, Iron Lack, Nike, Frontlineshop, TicTac, Pull&Bear, New Yorker,  OCB


Website: www.mimomali.com



Mimo Mymo Mali