Jaybo Monk

Statement :


Jaybo (*1963 South of France) lives and works in Berlin. 


what ever you expected here to be wrote  won't be . no drawers no labels, no pseudo art historical references. no self related manifestos. no pretentious egoistical satisfaction. no school. and no i won't paint walls and i dont do prints. i just affirm myself by what i do good or bad  : what you see is what you get . 


ps > use your own skills to help others .



represented by.


Soze Gallery / Los Angeles

Kallenbach Gallery / Amsterdam

Jaybo Monk is part of the artists collective Agents of Change based in London

Jaybo Monk is part of the artists collective Le Grand Verre based in Milan 



Please feel free to visit Jaybo Monk on: http://www.jayboisms.com/