Bangladesh 2015

Vitùc: These are just a few impressions of my trip in Bangladesh. (Dhaka-Gaibandha-Chittagong-Syhlet)

What can I say about my trip ?

In Bangladesh especially in the chars of Gaibandha, I rediscovered all the things I thought we had lost: the joy of life, the innocence, the simplicity, the human warmth, the authenticity, peace, space and freedom … or almost. It’s like I found back the human being.

How did I feel during my trip?
Sometimes I felt like Robinson Crusoe especially on the chars, sometimes like an adventurer, sometimes like a star making selfies with the local people, sometimes I felt like turning back in time, sometimes being on an other planet, sometimes being like in a dream, sometimes I was lost in translation and ….sometimes I missed my spaghettis.
To resume, Bangladesh is a wonderful country … I have never met such franc, kind and hospital people like the Bengalis.
And what great workers ! They made me often think of ants ... I saw everywhere legs, hands and fingers of men, women, young and old … but also of kids … and that put some tears in my eyes.
Yes, I will never forget all these beautiful and intense moments and faces.
Now I am a rich man.


This is also my first experience with the Sony A7s2.
Entirely filmed handheld in 4K - exported in full hd.
I used mostly Sony lens 16-35mm f4 and sometimes sony 35 mm f2.8.
Presets Ciné 4. Miller Luts - Hyde Park


Music arranged by Rem Perry
Many thanks to Rem Perry (Composer, Producer and Arranger)